As always, we need money to make this thing really work. We need YOUR help to make this event work!

That's where you come in. Even if it's only $5, please help out in any way you can to ensure that this DEVOtional lives up to the standard of quality that was set in the last five years. This money goes to the rental fee for the venue, paying the sound man and flight/hotel accommodations for our guests. For some inscentive, we've set up a tiered system that gets you bonuses with different levels of donation!

SPUD: $11-15

Complimentary CD or DVD from the Basement archive!

SPEED RACER: $26-$50
Complimentary CD and DVD from the Basement archive!

Three CDs and two DVDs, or substitute two CDs for a DVD, or any combination!

SMART PATROL: $76-$100
Complimentary DEVOtional admission, three CDs, three DVDs, or any combination, plus a limited edition DEVOtional 2008 poster featuring art by KRK Ryden, signed by the artist!

Complimentary DEVOtional admission, five CDs, five DVDs (or any combination), the limited edition DEVOtional 2008 poster and a DEVO DVD that will not be available in the Basement!

This page will cotinually be updated with the names of those who donated at various levels. Of course, you can opt to remain anonymous, but otherwise, other spuds will be able to thank you themselves! Donate now!

If you want to donate via check or money order, please email Alex!

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NOTE: To be clear, we are NOT selling bootlegs through this page, the same way PBS doesn't sell coffee mugs and tote bags for $50 during their pledge drives. What we're offering here is a token of appreciation for your support of the DEVOtional!