Spuds! The DEVOtional time draws upon us! This year, we'll be invading a new venue in Cleveland, OH called the Beachland Ballroom! It should be a totally swingin' time. Check out the confirmed lineup of guests and other attractions below!


  • DEVOnia's own Spudboys return to the stage, with a few new tricks up their collective sleeve to wow even the most jaded spud!
  • Cleveland's BADITUDE will bring a fond 1980s sense of kick-assery and excellent renditions of DEVO classics.
  • The Mutant Mountain Boys will be treating us to old-time country/bluegrass renditions of sacred cows in the DEVO catalog.
  • DEVO artist and longtime pal KRK Ryden will be performing his own special brand of tribute, featuring a theremin!
  • Continuing last year's start of off-kilter tribute sets, Poopy Necroponde's Tater Blaster will be sure to freak out the neighbors.
  • And certainly not least, we'll be hosting a brand new performance by longtime DEVO friend and colleague, Genral Jackett!

  • Other Excellent Things

  • Co-founder of DEVO, Gerald V. Casale will be telling stories, hanging out with spuds, and who knows what else! It's always a party when Jerry's around!
  • In addition to performing, KRK Ryden will be telling little-heard stories of his experiences with the band and answering any questions spuds may have! He may even bring some of his trademark artwork to show off!
  • On his own and in between bands' sets, the one and only Rev. Ivan Stang will be ranting and raving and preaching the word of devolution!
  • Michael Pilmer will be bringing with him more audio and video goodies from the DEVO vaults! There will even be a few new pieces of official Club DEVO merchandise making their debut at the DEVOtional!
  • And, of course, there will be door prizes/raffles, and a few lucky spuds will be going home with a few extra goodies in their bags!

  • Mark Mothersbaugh Art

    Is Cleveland nutty enough to co-incide an exhibit of Mark's artwork with the DEVOtional? Of course it is, that's a stupid question. On the eve of August 24th, the Asterisk Gallery is hosting a showing of Mark's Postcard Diaries to prime spuds for the festivities the next day. Exact info is below.

    What about cheapo lodging?

    A good question! Scott Orsi was kind enough to make new arrangements in Cleveland. The Comfort Inn, 6miles (9mins) from the Beachland, is offering spuds needing a place to sleep for the uber-low $65.99 per night. 20 rooms were put on hold, so snatch one up while you can. All other info is below.


    This year, ticket price is going up just a little to $20. This is due to the fact that the venue is a little more expensive than before (but well worth it) and if you're staying two nights, you're already saving $30 off your hotel room from lthe last two years. Presales have ended for this event, but there will be plenty of tickets available at the door. You shouldn't have a problem getting in.


    We totally have a flyer! Bruce Perry has designed it again for us, along with the excellent tickets. Click on the image below to download the PDF, and then plaster them all over town!


    DEVOtional 2007: Total DEVOtional
    The Beachland Ballroom
    15711 Waterloo Road
    Cleveland, OH 44110
    DOORS OPEN AT NOON (Tickets: $20)

    Mark Mothersbaugh's Postcard Diaries
    Asterisk Gallery
    2393 Professor Ave.
    Cleveland, OH 44113

    Group Rate Lodging
    The Comfort Inn
    28611 Euclid Avenue
    Wickliffe, OH 44092
    PLEASE NOTE: To reserve a room at the group rate ($65.99 per night) you must call the hotel directly: (440) 944-4030. Be sure to state that you are reserving your room under the group rate for "DEVOtional", for check-in on Friday 8/24 or Saturday 8/25.