Lost Blue Potato Guitar Found!

Photo by Vahe

Those familiar with the story of this guitar will know how awesome this is for Bob. If not, well, here is the story.

In 1980, for the Freedom of Choice album and tour, Bob1 had a customized blue Ibanez cloud/potato guitar made. It can be prominently seen in the Live 1980 DVD, the Girl U Want video and just about any live photo from the FOC tour. He truly loved that guitar. When the Basement interviewed him for the, we enquired about the guitar:

"In the mid-80's, I developed a fondness for cocaine that turned into full-blown addiction. When the band stopped working, I ran out of money and one day I woke up broke, hungry and needing alcohol and drugs. So I pawned the Ibanez guitar for $250, which seemed great at the time. I really miss that guitar, even though it weighed a ton." - Bob1

And, according to Bob, that was one of the things he most regretted ever doing. And obviously, the guitar cost much more than that to begin with. After he sobered up in the early 90's, he tried to find the guitar again. The pawn shop he sold it do did not keep proper paperwork, so a dead end was pretty much hit, and it seemed impassable. VaheVahe, frontman of the band Nu-Tra, and friend of Bob's, helped him for years trying to find this guitar, but to no avail.

Then, on September 8, I got an email from a guy named Matt saying he had read the interview on the Basement site and knew where the guitar was. It was in the possession of pro skateboarder Jason Jessee, who had picked it up some years past. After confirming that it was indeed the same guitar, I put Matt and Vahe in touch with each other, and through a number of mutual friends the two of them shared with Jason, they finally got in contact with him.

On October 24, it finally happened. Bob and Vahe drove up and retrieved Bob's lost guitar.

And now, there's just that much less wrong with the universe. And I wouldn't be too surprised if we got to see Bob play that live in the not-too-distant future...