The Bob I Band

Never heard of this before, eh? Neither had we until Alex interviewed David Kendrick. Well, we were lucky enough for David to send us a copy of the one tape he had of this forgotten band's mini-tour from 1991/1992 in support of the the lost album. Here's all the info we have on the band.

-Tom Corey: bass and occasional guitar
-David Kendrick: drums
-Bob1: guitar & vocals
-Larry Klimas: sax

Venues played:
-Gaslight (more than once)
-Club Lingerie
-China Club (we have one of these shows)
-Frolic Room

It also bears mentioning that this article from LA Weekly, written by David Kendrick on the death of collaborator (and Bob I Band member) Tom Corey, is the only mention we can find of the band online.

If we find more info, we'll be sure to post it.