DEVOtional 2010: A Decade of DEVOtion

Greetings, Beautiful Mutants! And how may we be of service?



Final details for DEVOtional 2010 have been announced! Jerry Casale and Mark Mothersbaugh do Q&As! DEVO's reality series makes its unedited debut! Full details here!


More DEVOtional 2010 details have been announced, and you can buy your tickets now! Check it out!


Wow, has it really been a year since our last update? I want to assure everyone that the Basement IS still operating, and a total re-launch of the site is imminent.

In the meantime, however, I'd like to announce a little thing we have going on later this year...


The DEVOtional 2009 page is up! Head over there to find out all the latest info, and how you can help!

And stay tuned for more updates very soon. Right now, I'm sitting on about 30 discs of live audio, three or four DVDs, a few Mark Mothersbaugh discs and a few specialties. All will be posted in good time.


DEVOtional 2008: Snake Thru the Chaos was a tremendous success! Relive it, or see what you missed out on, by checking out the report on DEVO-Obsesso!


Spuds! The DEVOtional info page is fully updated and brimming with titilating tidbits! Head over there now!


Hey, we're updating! WOW, are there ever a lot of updates!

First things first. There's a lot of new discs. We've got a bunch of new shows from the recent European tour, as well as a few upgrades of older shows and newly added recordings of older shows. There's also a few new Mark Mothersbaugh discs, a new interview and a handful of new specialty discs featuring Mongoloid and Duty Now for the Future.

And let's not forget that we have five very exciting new DVDs in the archive, including one show I think that everyone will want to check out, and two others will help you to learn the Truth about "Live in the Land of the Rising Sun."

As I was going through the lists, I thought it might be a good idea to add new categorized/chronological versions of lists aside from just the one for shows. So if you check out the audio page now, you'll be able to access those lists. And, to make it overall easier to find new additions on all lists, I made up a little icon next to the new discs!

And, perhaps most notably, we have added two new distributors to the Basement! John Heck serves as a US mirror distributor. So now both he and Alex will be handling US distribution. And in the great land of Australia, good spud Daniel Bosch has stepped up to distribute DVDs both in Australia and in surrounding European areas. So any Aussie or Euro spuds, you may find the post easier to deal with this way. Head over to the contact page to get the full skinny on everyone. I want to thank these two gentlemen very much for stepping up like this, and a UK-based distributor is in the pipeline for all you Euro-spuds!

Well, that was exhausting. That's it for now! As always, stay tuned!


The DEVOtional was the most successful it's ever been! Thanks to everyone who came out and devolved in Cleveland for a weekend. Look for a full report on DEVO-Obsesso soon, and new additions to the Basement collection very soon!


Gerald V. Casale, co-founder of DEVO has been confirmed for the DEVOtional! If you were on the fence about coming, this should make the decision for you! Check out the Total DEVOtional info page for full details!


The Total DEVOtional info page is updated with all the finalized info on the event! Check it totally out, and buy your ticket now!


The Total DEVOtional info page is live! Check back there for all updates regarding this year's DEVOtional!